Find Focusing Impossible At Work? Consider A Career Change To A Massage Therapist

22 January 2020
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People who don't like their job or who struggle to focus during their shifts often get stuck in a go-nowhere situation that makes life success even harder. As a result, it may be necessary to change things up by trying out a new career as a massage therapist. Difficulty Focusing in a Job May Make Life Difficult A large number of people go to very nice jobs every day and find themselves checking out very early in their shift. Read More 

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage Therapy

9 January 2020
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Some women are afraid to have a massage done while they are pregnant. They feel that laying on their stomach or having their stomach rubbed and prodded is not good for them or the baby. However, if the massage therapist has been trained in pregnancy massage, there is nothing wrong with having one. The therapist will know how to help you get comfortable and stay safe while on the table and understands how to perform the massage. Read More