Lymphatic Massage Might Help Your Medical Condition or Help You Heal After Surgery

11 December 2020
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Your lymphatic system is an important component of your immune system. Lymph flows through your body picking up toxins and bacteria so they can be eliminated. Sometimes, lymph fluid becomes congested and sluggish. When that happens, a lymphatic massage might help. Here's when you might want one of these massages, how it's done, and the benefits you might enjoy.

Why You Might Want A Lymphatic Massage

When lymph fluid builds up rather than draining out, you could develop a condition known as lymphedema. This is where a particular area of your body has swollen, often as a response to surgery. A lymph massage could help with lymphedema, and it may also help with milder inflammation and swelling, such as the swelling of your legs and feet from sitting all day.

Besides the reduction of swelling, you might want a lymph massage to stimulate your immune system or help with symptoms such as fatigue and pain. You can talk to your doctor or massage therapist about whether lymphatic drainage massage is appropriate for your medical condition.

However, you don't necessarily have to have a medical problem to get a lymphatic massage. You may simply want to detox your body.

How A Lymphatic Massage Is Done

You'll need to find a massage therapist, physical therapist, or another medical professional who has been trained in lymphatic massage techniques. General massage therapy uses different types of hand movements, so it's necessary to find a therapist who knows lymphatic drainage techniques.

When you receive a lymphatic massage, you'll be on a massage table and the therapist will probably massage over your entire body. The goal is to get the lymph tissue moving through the lymph vessels, nodes, and valves. This requires gentle pushing, kneading, and cupping along the surface of your skin. Lymphatic drainage massage is gentle and easy to tolerate.

How You May Feel After The Massage

If you have a lot of swelling, you might not see much progress after a single session, but you may notice a decrease in your inflammation. If you get the massages regularly, you may notice swelling is less frequent or goes away faster.

You might also experience improvements in headaches, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms caused by fibromyalgia or other medical conditions. You might even notice an improvement in your skin, digestive system, or sleep issues. Lymph affects every part of your body, so improving lymph flow can have wide-ranging effects.

If you're taking the massage treatments for a health condition or after liposuction or other cosmetic surgery, your doctor might recommend multiple treatments spread over a few weeks. If your condition is chronic, you might need regular massages on an ongoing basis as part of your treatment plan. Since each person is unique, you can work with your doctor and massage therapist to create the best frequency for your massages.

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