A Quick Guide To Popular Massages For The Stressed Out Bride

5 December 2016
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When a friend or family member gets married, there are often numerous opportunities for gift giving. While towels, sheets, and small appliances are popular gifts, they are also expected and it is not uncommon for couples to receive duplicate items. When you want to think outside the box and provide the bride with a useful present that is unlikely to be duplicated from other gift-givers, it is a good idea to consider gifting her with a bridal massage geared towards reducing her stress levels and the impact that stress can have on her. Read More 

The Best Times For A Corporate Massage

9 September 2016
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The benefits of a corporate massage are numerous. Those who have corporate massages are more energized, and providing the service can also help improve employee morale. It gives employees a sense that the business that is serving them cares about them. However, the question is when specifically your employees should receive a corporate massage. Answering this question requires that you consider both the physiology of the massage and the specific needs of your business. Read More 

Prenatal Massage: Six Dos And Don’ts For A Better Experience During Your Pregnancy

15 June 2016
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Many women can benefit from a therapeutic massage during pregnancy. Massage may relax the muscles in your sore back and sore hips, and simply make you feel more comfortable. If you have never had a massage during pregnancy, you might want to consider trying this for yourself, after you have gained the approval of your physician. Before you sit in the massage chair or lie down on the table, keep the following six " Read More 

Massage Therapy For Pregnancy: How It Helps

3 June 2016
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When you are pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes. As your belly becomes bigger and your baby grows, your hips, back, and pelvis begin to shift to make room for the upcoming delivery. This can cause a lot of discomfort to your body, including pain in your lower back, thighs, buttocks, and even shoulders. Massage therapy can be beneficial in bringing you physical relief from your aches and pain, and can have other pleasant positives as well. Read More 

Massage 101: 4 Reasons To Opt For Deep Tissue Massages

29 April 2016
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A massage is a great way to treat yourself. Whether you have been feeling a little sore or you simply want to treat yourself to something a bit more luxurious, a massage is the perfect choice. Although it might seem as easy as booking the appointment and walking in to the spa, it unfortunately isn't. There are a lot of different massage techniques and styles—which can make choosing one rather difficult. Read More