2 Ideas Ideas For De-Stressing After The Holiday Rush

11 December 2015
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When the holidays roll around every year, you are often excited about the joys of getting together with loved ones and celebrating the season together. However, what also often comes along with the joy and excitement is a great deal of stress. Buying the perfect gifts, preparing your house for company, and hosting and cooking for everyone can be exhausting, after all. So, once the holidays have come and gone, what you need to do is de-stress. Read More 

3 Excellent Times To Get A Massage

26 February 2015
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Getting a massage is a wonderful thing, and most people really enjoy the relief that it gives them. This article will discuss 3 excellent times to get a massage.  When Training For An Athletic Event/After An Athletic Event Training for a half marathon, marathon, triathlon, biking race, or any other rigorous athletic event, can be very taxing on your body. You will likely become sore many times throughout your training, and a great way to help with this soreness is to get regular massages. Read More 

Three Different Types Of Massage And Their Benefits

25 February 2015
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The ordinary strains of life can really wear down your body. As your body wears down, you can develop injuries associated with chronic pain. Chronic pain is one issue, but it is not the only source of debilitating pain. A sudden traumatic injury can also leave your body all out of whack. While conventional medicine has its purpose, sometimes the answer to persistent pain is found on a massage table rather than in an operating room. Read More 

Understanding How Depression Affects Infertile Women, And How To Decrease The Symptoms

24 February 2015
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Effects of Infertility on Your Mental Health Infertile women are more likely to suffer from depression than fertile women. Many women grow up with the expectation that they will become mothers one day, so infertility can negatively impact a woman's sense of self. Many women also feel unable or uncomfortable discussing their fertility problems with family and friends, and instead carry the emotional burden of infertility alone. When an infertile woman's family members pressure her about getting pregnant, the symptoms of depression are even more severe and frequent. Read More