2 Ideas Ideas For De-Stressing After The Holiday Rush

11 December 2015
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When the holidays roll around every year, you are often excited about the joys of getting together with loved ones and celebrating the season together. However, what also often comes along with the joy and excitement is a great deal of stress. Buying the perfect gifts, preparing your house for company, and hosting and cooking for everyone can be exhausting, after all. So, once the holidays have come and gone, what you need to do is de-stress. Get to know some of the best ways to de-stress after the holiday season so that you can get back to feeling more relaxed and more like yourself as soon as possible.

Give Reflexology a Try

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the connections between different, seemingly unrelated areas of the body. By placing pressure on certain points on the hands, ears, and feet, in particular, a trained reflexologist can help to get rid of tension and relieve your stress.

Reflexology is used as a form of massage in that the reflexologist will place manual pressure on your points of stress to relax your muscles and promote the healthy flow of energy throughout the body. The idea is to get all of your body systems working together harmoniously to promote overall health and well-being.

An example of stress relief through reflexology is placing pressure on an area of the foot and hand associated with the adrenal gland function. This area is located just below the ball of the foot and in the soft fleshy area next to the thumb on the hands. By massaging or placing controlled pressure on these areas, a reflexologist can stimulate your body to reduce the amount of adrenaline it is producing and release relaxing hormones and chemicals into the brain and body. This balances your internal body chemistry and helps you to de-stress and relax. 

Head to the Acupuncturist

Acupuncturists are another type of alternative medicine practitioner that can help you to de-stress following your holiday rush. The idea behind acupuncture is that the human body is made up of systems of flowing energy that move from one area of the body to the next and are all connected.

When the energy pathways through which that energy moves become blocked or otherwise impeded, a person can suffer numerous ill-effects including aches and pains, sickness, tension, and stress. An acupuncturist can help to identify the areas of energy that are blocked in your body and will use tiny needles inserted into specific pressure points to help stimulate the proper flow of energy throughout the body.

When you are experiencing a great deal of stress and tension, acupuncture points that may help are around the face and neck, as well as the hands, feet, and possibly even the torso. Even one session with an acupuncturist can help to make you feel more calm and relaxed after the holidays.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can de-stress after your holiday rush, you can better take care of yourself and get back to feeling calm and relaxed once more. Visit Advanced Alternatives Massage Therapy for more information.