Three Different Types Of Massage And Their Benefits

25 February 2015
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The ordinary strains of life can really wear down your body. As your body wears down, you can develop injuries associated with chronic pain. Chronic pain is one issue, but it is not the only source of debilitating pain. A sudden traumatic injury can also leave your body all out of whack. While conventional medicine has its purpose, sometimes the answer to persistent pain is found on a massage table rather than in an operating room. 

Hot Stone Massage

Often introducing heat to a massage can enhance the benefits you receive. Heat can relax and soothe muscles. Thus, heat on its own is sometimes enough to get tense muscles to release. A good masseur can work out knots and scar tissue, which can enhance healing. Thus, hot stone massage can deliver an impressive one-two punch to help you recover from injuries. 

Shiatsu Massage

Originating in Japan, shiatsu massage focuses on therapeutic stretching and the use of finger pressure to help tight muscles release. If you are plagued by tight neck muscles, then you know how tension in the muscles can lead to neck pain and even headaches. Furthermore, tight muscles in the neck can affect how surrounding muscles work, which can lead to general discomfort. Shiatsu can help to get stubborn muscles to relax, and once the tension is gone, you might find that your pain is gone also. 

Restorative Massage

Practitioners of restorative massage focus on improving the flow of energy through the body. As they massage your body, they focus on energy meridians and pressure points. The understanding is that if there is a problem with one of these meridians, the flow of energy through the body will be interrupted, and without the proper flow of energy, the affected region of the body can have trouble functioning properly and/or healing after an injury. Once the flow of energy is restored, the body should be better able to take care of itself and recover from either chronic pain or a traumatic injury. 

If you have to contend with serious pain, you should consider looking into how massage can help. If one massage technique does not seem to do the trick for you, you should not give up on massage altogether. Instead, you should consider looking into alternate techniques as well as looking for other masseurs (such as those from Stephen Parish Massage). Finding the right masseur and the right approach can help you to eliminate pain and to recover more quickly from injuries.