The Best Times For A Corporate Massage

9 September 2016
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The benefits of a corporate massage are numerous. Those who have corporate massages are more energized, and providing the service can also help improve employee morale. It gives employees a sense that the business that is serving them cares about them. However, the question is when specifically your employees should receive a corporate massage. Answering this question requires that you consider both the physiology of the massage and the specific needs of your business. 

When Convenient For Your Business

Of course, the best time to have a massage is a time when the massage will not interfere with your work. For example, if there is a period when your business usually experiences downtime, this would be the logical time to have a corporate massage. But even though there may be ideal times of the day to have a massage, there will always be some benefit even if the time selected is not perfect.

Part of what determines when a massage should be performed is how long the session will be. Sessions sometimes include not only the massage itself, but a consultation in which the massage therapist gathers information that will allow him or her to perform a better massage. However, if your company does not have time for longer consultations, you could have the massage therapist simply ask a few quick questions before and during the session.

In The Middle Of The Day

A common time for people to receive a massage is at the end of the day. This is driven by the belief that a massage is meant for relaxation, and relaxation is something associated with sleep, which normally occurs at the end of the day. However, it may make sense to instead strive for relaxation in the middle of the day. Relaxation can relieve stress and can actually make an employee more productive. A great time for a massage is before a stressful or challenging endeavor. For example, if your employee will be giving a presentation, it may make sense for him or her to receive a massage beforehand. 

Not After Working Out

If your employees participate in an exercise program at any time of the day, it would make sense to instead have a sports massage. This should not be performed immediately after working out because it can place too much shock on the muscles. If you must have the massage performed after your employees have worked out, elect for a Swedish massage and encourage your employees to receive a sports massage at a later date. 

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