A Quick Guide To Popular Massages For The Stressed Out Bride

5 December 2016
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When a friend or family member gets married, there are often numerous opportunities for gift giving. While towels, sheets, and small appliances are popular gifts, they are also expected and it is not uncommon for couples to receive duplicate items. When you want to think outside the box and provide the bride with a useful present that is unlikely to be duplicated from other gift-givers, it is a good idea to consider gifting her with a bridal massage geared towards reducing her stress levels and the impact that stress can have on her. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the information provided below when you want to be sure that your gift will benefit the bride in a tangible way.

Understanding Why The Bride Needs A Massage

Unfortunately, planning a wedding requires a lot of work and stringent attention to many details. Unless the services of a wedding planner or friend with time on their hands are utilized, the burden of making the big day perfect often rests on the shoulders of the bride. Unfortunately, that will frequently result in stress for the bride and symptoms of that stress can include headaches, insomnia, and anxiety.

Therefore, one helpful way to assist the bride who is doing most or all of the wedding plans on her own is to provide her with a professional massage. Since studies have proven that massages can address the aforementioned physical manifestations of stress, it only makes sense that providing the stressed-out future wife with a bridal massage is a great choice.

Choosing the Right Type Of Massage

Whether you are providing the bride with a single massage or you have arranged for her to receive multiples sessions in the coming months, choosing the most appropriate type of massage for her is crucial. For instance, you may be surprised to learn that there are many different types of massages to choose from.

Common types of massage include, but are not limited to:

  •  Swedish massage

  •  Deep tissue

  •  Shiatsu

Swedish massage combines long, kneading strokes and  light, intermittent movements to address muscle pain. Those movements, combined with precise joint manipulation, are designed to increase the energy level of the recipient. They are also associated with an overall feeling of relaxation. 

A deep tissue massage is an effective option for reducing the tension in the body and works by encouraging the muscles, ligaments and tendons beneath the skin to relax. Since relaxation is essential to quality sleep, a deep tissue massage is a popular gift for anyone struggling with anxiety and insomnia, such as a  bride-to-be.

The Shiatsu massage is unique in that it stems from traditional Asian beliefs and is based on the concept of restoring normal Qi. Qi is described as the underlying energy level present in the body, that when blocked results in physical and emotional abnormalities. It uses the provider's fingers, thumbs, feet, and palms to encourage the recipient's body to relax and allow the Qi to function as it should.    

In conclusion, planning a wedding can often be both stressful and challenging. Since neither of those are conducive to being a relaxed bride, the gift of a bridal massage is likely to be appreciated. Therefore, it is a good idea to become familiar with the above information about massages for the bride.