Facials Offer More Than Just A Pretty Face

3 November 2019
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For many people, the idea of going to get a facial is a frivolous indulgence that really isn't that important. The truth is, there are some very real benefits to having a facial and you might be surprised by some of them. Here are a few good reasons to book your next facial at your favorite salon.  

Cleanse the Skin

One of the most important things a facial does for you is to cleanse your skin of deep-seated dirt and toxins that are hard to do at home. The salon often uses steam to open up your pores and clean your skin thoroughly. While there are steam cleansing machines that you can buy, they do not do the job as effectively, and the salon understands your skin and what cleansers will work best for your needs. 

Facial Message

Did you know that the facial massage you get at the solan can help to improve the circulation in your face? The increase in blood flow to the muscles and tissues of your face helps keep them healthier. More blood flow also means more oxygen at the cellular level and the oxygen helps to keep the muscles and other tissue healthy. 

Along with circulation, there are studies that show a reduction in anxiety and an increase in mood after a facial massage. The study indicates that the pressure points in the face play an important role in this, and those pressure points can actually stimulate positive responses in other parts of the body. 

Prevent Aging

Another benefit of regular facials is the promotion of cell regeneration. This is a key step in slowing down the aging process and helps keep you looking younger for a longer period of time. Everyone ages and you may not be able to keep the face you had at eighteen forever, but the longer you can, the better you will feel.

Reducing lines, wrinkles, and blemishes are all part of the facial treatment and when you have regular facials, these benefits can last longer. 

Soften Your Skin

Many of the masks and products that are part of your facial treatment will soften your skin and allow it to better absorb nutrients. The type of skin you have and the frequency of your facials can have an effect on how well these products work. Talk to the facialist at your salon about what they recommend for you and your skin. Looking and feeling good has a positive impact on your daily well-being, and getting that regular facial could be a key to that for you.

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