Why Massage Therapy Should Be Included in Your Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

1 June 2018
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There is almost always some type of physical therapy needed after injuries are received in an automobile accident. You may end up needed to attend therapy for many years after you have been treated for the injuries. There are a number of different types of auto accident physical therapy, depending on the damages done to your body. However, no matter what type you must undergo, you should request to have massage therapy included if it is not originally offered. Here are just a few benefits you will experience when massage is added to your therapy.

Pain Relief

Quite often, the exercises and movements done during physical therapy push you to go further than what is currently comfortable. This results in muscle and joint pain. The gentle manipulations of massage can help to reduce the pain you will feel after the therapy workout. In addition, any lingering pain from the injuries can be alleviated by the massage. The treatment will reduce swelling and increase blood flow to the area so you will heal better and faster.

Increased Mobility

As your muscles and connective tissues relax, you will be more comfortable moving them. In addition, as the massage reduces the inflammation of the tissues, joints will have a better range of motion. Being able to move easier and better will have you up and doing more exercising. This, in turn, will help improve your strength and mobility.

Emotional Relief

A car accident is stressful. When you have been injured, the stress can be compounded. Emotional distress can inhibit your ability to heal. A massage will increase the production of endorphins. You will experience a flood of good feelings. This will reduce your stress and help you to be motivated to get up and do things. The more you do, the better you will feel. If the accident and the resulting injuries have made you feel a bit depressed and kept you from going about your normal activities, a massage will help.

Talk with your doctor and physical therapist about having regular massages as a part of your treatment. You should then ask for a referral to a licensed massage therapist. This will ensure that the cost for the treatments will be included and covered by the insurance settlement so there is no financial stress. You will be surprised to find that you feel much better after a single appointment and that the effects will multiply with each further visit, helping you to heal faster and more completely.