Visit Your Local Massage Therapist For Help With Foot Pain

17 May 2017
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When you're noticing that a pain in one or both of your feet is bothering you, you don't necessarily need to begin by making an appointment with your family doctor. Instead, think about visiting your local massage services professional. This health practitioner can treat a variety of aches and pains throughout the body, as well as talk to you about the likely cause of your ailments and give you things to try to keep future pain at bay. Foot pain can impact your life dramatically, resulting in pain throughout the workday and impeding your ability to enjoy pursuits such as working out. Here are some ways that your massage therapist will help you.

Treatment Of The Area

Foot pain can result from a number of different issues, but if you're experiencing tenderness on the underside of your foot, the pain may be related to plantar fasciitis. This inflammation of the tissue between your toes and heel can be extremely painful, but your massage therapist can reduce the discomfort through gentle massage techniques. While you may think that touching an inflamed area might further increase your pain, the opposite is true when you're in the hands of a trained professional. Your massage therapist will apply just the right amount of pressure to reduce your discomfort by the end of the appointment.

Recommendation Of Stretches

Massage therapists believe in preventative care, rather than just making a massage appointment when you're in pain. To help you reduce the pain in your feet between appointments, you can expect your therapist to offer you some stretches for your feet. You'll also learn some self-care techniques that you can practice to reduce your discomfort. A common technique is to place a tennis ball on the floor beneath your bare foot and roll your foot around on the ball to essentially give yourself a massage.

Help With Your Next Steps

Massage therapy will commonly help plantar fasciitis, but there may be additional steps to take to curtain the pain more permanently. In many cases, your massage therapist will recommend that you visit a pharmacy to buy inserts for your shoes. These devices can provide the right amount of support for your arches and reduce the stretching of your foot ligaments that leads to this problem. In extreme cases, your massage therapist may even refer you to a podiatrist who can have you fitted for custom orthotics to wear in your shoes.