Tired Of A Plaguing Injury And Pain Medications? What To Know To Ditch The Pills

11 February 2016
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If an old injury is providing you with new pain every day and you don't like having to take pain medications, it's time to explore your other options for treatment. You don't have to be forced to carry around a bottle of anti-inflammatory medication or pain pills, and instead you can try to heal the area and treat the pain naturally.

You'll want to see if you can use massage therapy, acupuncture and ultrasonic healing to help with your concerns. Here are the benefits you'll experience.

Therapeutic Massage

The therapeutic massage is going to offer both mental and physical benefits to the body. The massage therapist is going to stimulate the area to improve circulation and mobility in the area. When circulation improves it's easier for the area to heal because it has oxygen rich blood cells flowing through the tissue. The massage will also help relax the stiff and sore muscles around the injury that are trying to support the weakened areas. Massage will relieve tension and pain, and take pressure off the area. This type of massage is beneficial for the entire body.


Acupuncture has been performed for centuries and can be used to disrupt the pain messages that are going to your brain. You can use the acupuncture to help stop the pain in the area, the pain in the supporting body parts, and to help clear your mind of the stress you've had because of the pain. You'll want to find a licensed acupuncturist that can do the treatments for you.

Ultrasonic Healing

Ultrasonic waves can be used to help treat the tissues, tendons and other components of the body that are injured in a non-abrasive way. This can be done at a physical therapist's office, or with a ultrasonic treatment professional, and you'll need a prescription from your doctor.

With a variation of these treatments and an open mind you can hopefully get the pain relief that you need from your plaguing injury. The area is only going to get more swollen and stiff over time if you don't treat it or help it, so don't put off trying any of these different pain relief and treatment options. Talk with a medical professional to find out what different things may be triggering your swelling and pain, and to make sure that the injury isn't permanently damaged or needs any other type of repair. Visit a business, such as Mana Massage, for more information.